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Aimee Wedemeier

Instructional Designer





3088 Leighton Street, Unit B

Anchorage, AK 99517


From an early age, I've been driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to share knowledge with others. My journey in the education field began in 2005 when I earned my Bachelor's degree in Religion and Theology. Fresh out of college, I embarked on an exciting adventure as an outdoor education instructor, teaching science-based curricula to 5th-8th graders along the West Coast.


In 2008, I returned to my beloved home state of Alaska and transitioned into the youth development field, focusing on social-emotional learning for K-6 students and their after-school program staff. Fueled by my passion for education, I completed a second Bachelor's degree in K-8 education in 2012.

While continuing my work in youth development, I eventually found myself drawn to the realm of early childhood education. In 2022, I seized an incredible opportunity and landed my first role as an Instructional Designer in the healthcare sector. I now have the privilege of creating online learning experiences for adults serving as physical, behavioral, and dental health aides in rural Alaskan communities.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, I returned to academia in 2023, pursuing a Master's in Instructional Design and Technology, as well as a Master's in Adult Education and Training from the American College of Education. I proudly completed both programs in June 2024.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I wear many hats – Aunt, Mentor, Sister, Friend, Landlord, Foster Mom (to dogs), Dog Mom (to a couple of "foster fails"), Volunteer Patient for medical training programs, cook, gardener, Children's Ministry Curriculum Director, CPR/First Aid/BLS/Lifeguarding Instructor, a traumatic brain injury survivor and advocate, Alaska Native artist, and an avid Settlers of Catan enthusiast, among others.

I embrace every opportunity for growth and learning, and I'm always eager to connect with like-minded individuals. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or simply want to engage in a stimulating discussion about the world of education and beyond.

Work Experience

August 2005-May 2008

May 2008-September 2009

September 2009-December 2018

November 2018-July 2022

October 2022-present

Outdoor Education Instructor

Led 5th-8th graders in science-based and creation-focused outdoor education classes.

Outdoor Recreation Manager

Worked for the city of Anchorage's Parks and Recreation Department, heading up their Youth Employment in Parks program.

School Age Program Manager

Managed Camp Fire Alaska's 32 school-age program sites and multiple summer programs including day camps, residential camps, and rural programs.

Early Childhood Education Center Director

Managed a childcare center that served up to 96 children ages 6 weeks through 6 years.

Instructional Designer

Develop instructional courses and materials for programs that serve the healthcare needs of the people in rural Alaska communities.

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