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Immersive Technology in the Workplace

This week, I created my first video (as part of a project for my course on trends in instructional technology). The video was built using Canva and featured 3 ways immersive learning could be used in the workplace:

  1. In training, to simulate high-risk interactions and environments in low-risk settings (such as medical procedures, learning to operate heavy equipment and combat training.

  2. Creating and experimenting with prototypes in the virtual environment. This cuts down on environmental and financial waste that comes with building multiple versions and simulations of a prototype. This might be used when developing machinery, such as car engines.

  3. Increasing recruitment efforts of potential employees by providing a virtual tour of the office environment so they may learn if the workplace would be a good fit for them.

I established 8 steps that should be followed when implementing immersive learning in the workplace and described those in the video using the example of training an individual to drive heavy equipment safely.

Overall, the video was fun to make and Canva proved to be an easy-to-navigate platform that resulted in a movie feel.

You can check out the 8-step checklist and view the video by clicking on their hyperlinks.


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